We are grateful and humbled by all the donations we received to put on a staged concert reading of “Hidden” in May 2023. See the list of donors below.

We are committed to improving the musical and getting it out to more places. We would love to see a fully staged production of this work. All this takes time and money. If you would like to donate to help us move this piece along we would greatly appreciate it. You can donate here:

Donations will go toward:

  • Audio and video recording and production
  • Creating vocal/piano arrangements of all the music
  • Working with a dramaturg (like a book editor, but for theater)
  • Applying to festivals
  • Outreach to theaters and producers
  • Creating a traveling version of the show that would be shorter, more educationally focused and with a smaller cast


Thank you to all of the donors who are helping make this production possible.

Executive Producer
Jennifer & Eric Hartz

Inner Circle
Esther Heitler
Ed & Deb Klevans
Mark & Janet Schreiner
Art & Diane Hartz Warsoff
Danette & Steve Wineberg

John & Hope Wesley Harrison
Mia & Joseph Gelles
Andrew & Rebecca Reumann-Moore

Carolyn & John Bellanti
Samuel Chase & Jane Wattenberg
Stephen & Stephanie Cohen
CJ Fitts
Kimberly Brown & Stephen Katz
Gary Kornblith & Carol Lasser
Judy Weinstein
Barry Zimmerman

Bonnie Aaron
Sylvaine Aust
David Beeghley
Rebecca Bell-Wesley
Sharon & Marc Blecher
Alice & David Burba
Susan DeJarnatt
Tim & Roxanne Dixon
Gretchen Donehower
Sandra & Scott Donover
Tom Dwyer
Jon and Diane Edelman
David & Judy Ehrenstein
Jeff Feld
Meredith Frank
Linda Dubin Garfield
Jennifer Gordon
Robin & Jay Greenblatt
Susan Gross
Marion Halliday
Dick & Tamar Heitler
Jane Hulting
Eleanor & Burt Jaffe
Si Kahn
Debbie & Charlie Karl
Adele & David Karp
Dave Kinnoin
Rachel Levy
Linda Manning
John Martin
Charlie & Gina Miller
Regina & Leon Oboler
Cynthia Pasceri
Ellen & Jeffrey Plaut
J & M Plunkett
Joy Pollack & Burt Siegel
Sue Ribaudo
Andres Salguero
Rochelle Tuzman Sauber
Larry & Roz Schack
Ana Stosic
Amanda Udis-Kessler
Kim Wallach
David Zald
Violet Zeitlin

Marianne Barlow
Elizabeth Buchanan
Phyllis Condiotte
Cara Diaconoff
Greg Dixon
Marie Ford
Neil Gorfinkle
Beverly Grant
Josh & Claudia Heitler
Deborah Van Kleef
Brian Caselli Jordan
Patricia Lamanna
Leslie Leff
Caryl & Mike Levin
Randy Libros & Pam Albright
Fred Louis
Allison Martin
Pam Minor
Kerry & Jack Novick
Debbie & Dave Posmontier
Jonathan Sprout
Arthur & Geraldine Schneeberg
Susan Tanenbaum
Barbara Tilsen
Janna & Ran Zamir

David Calloway
Gregory Crowther
Debra D’Alessandro
Lauren Katz
Marla Lewis
Carla Mariani
Art Miron
Sarah Pillow
Lucille Rock
Mark Spiller & Amy Cohen

Henry Albert
Liz Benjamin
Barbara Bernstein
Patty Brotman
Rochelle Chasan
Shelley Goodman
Lisa Heintz
Carrie Ferguson
Anne Gehab
Lucia Green-Weiskel
Kelly Hayes
Joan Horn
Arnold & Naomi Kessler
Susan Krischcautzky
David Laibman
Sharon Millard
Jan & Janice Nigro
Sandy Pliskin
Laura Richlin
Linda & Mel Richter
Jane Schaefer
Fred & Sid Schwartz
Lisa Sniderman
Bobby Williams
Naomi Yanis

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